COVID-19 blocks normal international exchanges, and exhibitions around the world have either been postponed or canceled.

Exhibition Name: China Fastener Show (Online)

Exhibition Time: August 10-18, 2020


Expected scale: Exhibitors: 500+, Visitors: 50,000+

In order to break the limitation of space and make suppliers and buyers negotiate and close the deal smoothly online, makes full use of 16-year experience in B2B platform operation and 11-year experience in Fastener Expo Shanghai, and devotes all efforts to organizing China fastener show (online).

China Fastener Show (Online) will go live on August 10, 2020. The online exhibition will give full play to the advantages of Internet technology, and realize the functions and scenes of offline exhibition. Through online exhibition, China Fastener Show links the needs of upstream and downstream enterprises at home and abroad.

China Fastener Show (Online) provides all-weather data exhibition hall, live broadcasts, real-time negotiation, supply and procurement connection, real-time transaction, online activities and other scenes to creates interactive and immersive shopping experience for visitors. What’s more, multiple business development settings, such as E-business card and E-catalog, provide buyers with valuable information.

It is expected that more than 500 fastener manufacturing enterprises, including equipment mould enterprises and other related enterprises, will participate in this show. Special zones such as Haiyan cross border exhibition area, brand area and 1-on-1 communication area are created so that buyers can quickly find suitable suppliers according to their needs. Meanwhile, a series of wonderful online activities will be held, such as face to face online purchase meeting, keynote speakers, live broadcasts, etc.

There is no doubt that this is a new form of exhibition for fastener industry, combining demonstration, negotiation, communication and learning.

Scope of Exhibits

Pavilion A: Finished Fasteners

A1: Standard Fastene

A2: Stainless Fastener

A3: Stamping Part/ Lathe Part

A4: Automobile Fastener

A5: Construction Fastener

A6: Medical Device Fastener

A7: New Energy Fastener

A8: Small Pack Fastener (Cross Boarder E-Commerce)

A9: Non-Standard Fastener

Pavilion B: Related Product and Service

B1: Fastener Equipment (Cold Header, Thread Rolling Machine, Packing Machine, etc.)

B2: Wire/ Mold/ Consumables/ Surface Treatment, etc.

B3: Industry Service (Inspection, Software, Information, Media, Exhibition, etc.)


How does China Fastener Show (Online) work

China Fastener Show will be seen on, and The online stand and store have Chinese and English version, which can meet the need of exhibitors and visitors. Exhibitors use online exhibition system developed by to present products and videos, hold online meetings, conduct live broadcasts, communicate with buyers and exchange E-business card, etc.

China Fastener Show Online provides appointment service and communication tool. After the meeting is confirmed, both parties will be informed of the meeting ID and password. Then, exhibitors can communicate with buyers at scheduled time.


How do exhibitors prepare for China Fastener Show (Online)?

1. Prepare a video to introduce your company.

2. Prepare pictures and detailed descriptions of products.

3. Arrange staffs to attend live broadcast training.


How do visitors participate in China Fastener Show (Online)?

1. Register as visitor on to receive the latest information of the show.

2. During the open days, visitors can even post their inquiries on the show.


What can visitors do during China Fastener Show (Online)?

1. Visit the show on

2. Post inquiries on the show and seek for the best offer.

3. Watch online broadcasts of exhibitors.

4. Hold online meeting with exhibitors.

5. Communicate and negotiate with exhibitors.

6. Attend all kinds of online activities.

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