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TR Fastenings Achieves Aerospace AS9120 Certification

International fastener specialist TR Fastenings has achieved the AS9120 Certification following an extensive audit of its operations and in response to customer demand. AS9120 recognizes the continuing commitment to aerospace quality and conformance. It also places TR Fastenings among a select group of companies that practice the highest quality standards required in this sector.

The AS9120 Certification is specific to organizations holding and distributing aerospace related components such as fasteners and is designed to ensure that parts are handled and tracked properly while they are enroute from the original manufacturer to the end customer.

It adds almost 100 additional requirements specific to aerospace suppliers, beyond the general manufacturing standard ISO 9001:2015, including traceability from receipt to delivery, counterfeit parts prevention and detection, and evidence of conformity and on-time delivery, all critical for meeting the stringent requirements of supplying components into the aerospace and defense sectors.

„It was a long process but the rigorous work behind it further strengthens TR Fastenings’ position within this sector and guarantees the highest level of competence,” said Kevin de Stadler, Sales Director at TR Fastenings.

„It will open up opportunities such as improved performance against competitors and expansion of our UK market. We also hold ISO 9001 and 14001, however, AS9120 sets us apart in the industry and now firmly positions us at the forefront of fastener provision in this highly regulated sector.”


Bulten is awarded a major FSP contract

Bulten has been awarded an FSP (Full Service Provider) contract for supply of fasteners to a European automotive manufacturer which is also one of its existing customers.

The contract is a transfer of an ongoing FSP set up for two assembly plants and the annual order value is of approximately €60 million at full pace. Deliveries are estimated to start in the second half of 2020 and extend for a period of five years.

„It is clear that the knowledge and experience Bulten has built up over many years as a global manufacturer and FSP supplier to multiple customers was key to this award. The new contract will provide a good platform to deliver our unique services, our new technologies, and innovative and sustainable solutions for years to come,” says Anders Nyström, President and CEO of Bulten.

The value is approximately €60 million per annum at full pace and the contract runs over a period of five years. The contract is a transfer of an ongoing FSP set up for two assembly plants. Deliveries are estimated to start in the second half of 2020 at current volumes, and are expected to grow to full pace as the automotive industry recovers from the shut-down period caused by Covid-19. Delivery start and possible start-up costs will be announced when the exact date is decided.


Fastener Fair USA introduces digital platform

Fastener Fair USA has launched Connector365 – an all year round online platform that includes a searchable directory of suppliers, and enables visitors to schedule meetings and take part in expert led virtual education.
Connector365 creates a direct appointment setting that allows visitors to connect with suppliers. „The unprecedented changes in all industries around the globe are hastening the changes that were already confronting the fastener industry supply chain,” commented Bob Chiricosta, event director for Fastener Fair USA.

Industrial distributors in many sectors are seeing OEM customers automate the manufacturing operations, and fastener suppliers – along with other parts suppliers – must provide seamless connections to order and inventory management systems, quality documentation and chain of custody tracking, as well as increased precision in parts counts and packaging.

„This demands new skillsets and adoption of world-class best practices,” continues Chiricosta. „This is what Fastener Fair USA’s robust education programme, and its wide ranging exhibition floor offer, and now we want to translate that to a virtual platform, and provide these resources all year round.”

Since bringing Fastener Fair to the United States in 2018, Fastener Fair USA has distinguished itself by becoming an all inclusive event, where all levels of the fastener supply chain and other industry leaders from around the globe come together to move forward in a constantly evolving industry.


New adhesives range for ‘by the dot’ bonding

Bostik has launched Born2Bond™, a new range of innovative engineering adhesives designed for ‘by the dot’ bonding for a range of different manufacturing sectors – from electronics through to high-end luxury goods.

The range includes new low odour formulations, which enable a more comfortable manufacturing environment, and low blooming solutions that are a critical feature for applications where aesthetics and quality of finish are essential.

„Designers and manufacturers are facing critical challenges such as the need to minimise the effects of blooming, and also the need for a more adaptable and faster curing process, whilst also meeting more demanding environmental and health and safety regulations,” explains Polivio Goncalves, global market manager for engineering adhesives at Bostik. „Born2Bond™ will enable customers to improve efficiencies, increase design opportunities and enhance sustainability. Making it easier for them to manufacture better, safer and ever more innovative products.”

Instant adhesives are used extensively in manufacturing, but with the launch of new, affordable MECA-based products in the first wave of the Born2Bond range, many of the principal challenges have been addressed. The products have negligible blooming and are odourless, yet still perform as instant adhesives and can bond multiple substrate types without the need for any additional chemicals.

„The name Born2Bond reflects our products and purpose, but also reflects our collaborative approach. We’re developing these next generation products in association with our customers to ensure we create the solutions they need,” added Polivio.

Bostik plans to launch additional product offerings within its Born2Bond portfolio, including HM-PUR and other urethane acrylates, to provide a comprehensive service for evolving application needs.


Producing more threads per tool

The synchronisation of a machine – the rotation of the spindle interacting with the feed – is one of the most important reasons for tool wear when producing threads. Walter AG says its AB735 synchronous threading adaptor is a flexible solution to minimise the axial forces that occur during this process.

The adaptor, which can be used in all common ER collet chucks, reduces wear forces during tapping and thread forming, meaning that fewer tools are required. Thread flank wear is particularly minimised since these are strained less when chamfering. The lean, short design also makes it possi­ble to use the adaptor in tight spaces such as in lathes or turn/mill centres.

More cost-effective than comparable systems, but just as gentle on tools, the AB735 synchronous threading adaptor maximises tool performance. In addition to the minimised wear, the modular design of the adaptor also contributes to the cost-efficiency, as exchangeable front pieces for different thread sizes or tool diameters (ER16 to ER32) can be used with the same collet. This also fits in all ER adaptors without requiring further investments.

The low maintenance requirements, and high-level of process reliability of the adaptor, also have a very positive effect, such as reducing the risk of breaking the threading tool. Walter offers the quickchange system for all tool types with or without internal coolant supply. It is particularly suited to applications in the series production of threads and/or applications where the machine’s synchronisation is resulting in a high tool wear rate.


EuroBLECH 2020 postponed

Mack Brooks Exhibitions has today announced the postponement of EuroBLECH, which was scheduled to take place at the Hanover Exhibition Grounds in Germany from 27th – 30th October 2020.

The new dates for the next EuroBLECH, 26th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition, are 9th – 12th March 2021. This decision was taken after extensive conversations with all exhibitors and partners over recent weeks and months who have expressed their preference not to hold the show in October, in light of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Uncertainties around travel restrictions in order to maintain the truly international character of the EuroBLECH event were also a concern to many participants.

Speaking about the announcement, Nicola Hamann, Managing Director of Mack Brooks Exhibitions said: „The past months have been challenging, in particular for the sheet metal working industry and its related industry sectors. We have seen a decrease in orders of capital goods and many companies are telling us about their challenges in dealing with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although we have recently received authority approval for our safety and security concept to hold EuroBLECH in October this year, we have decided to postpone EuroBLECH to Spring 2021.”

As part of a recent series of industry surveys, the participants of EuroBLECH indicated their requirement to network and conduct business in order to pave the way for the recovery of the industry following the Covid-19 pandemic. EuroBLECH will therefore offer a virtual hub for the global sheet metal working industry in October.

„Following feedback from our exhibitors and visitors indicating the need to participate in an event, even if not in a physical form, we will organise a Digital Innovation Summit taking place from 27th – 30th October, our planned event slot. This Digital Innovation Summit will provide our exhibitors with a platform to demonstrate their latest machines and solutions and arrange virtual meetings with international visitors. We believe it is our duty to assist the industry through these extraordinary times by offering a market place this year as a platform for innovations and a starting point for the recovery of the industry,” continued Nicola Hamann.

The EuroBLECH team will communicate closely with customers and partners over the coming weeks and months and thank their exhibitors, partners, suppliers and visitors for their support during this challenging time. Further information on the ‘Digital Innovation Summit’ containing details on the ‘Online Presentation Theatre’ for exhibitors, video on demand options and matchmaking facilities, will be available shortly.

Every two years, the world’s largest sheet metal working technology exhibition attracts top industry professionals from all over the world. The show targets specialists at all management levels in small and medium-sized companies as well as large enterprises from all key industry sectors. Featuring an enormous amount of live machine demonstrations, EuroBLECH is renowned with international sheet metal working professionals as the most important event to find smart solutions and the right machines, equipment and materials for their companies. A total of 56,307 international trade visitors attended the previous show.

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